All about Amber:

My name is Amber Michelle Holley and people call me Ber Ber. 

I was born on May 7th, 2006 in Hinsdale, IL

Some facts about me:

1. My favorite color is pink and blue.

2. My favorite food is noodles and lasagna.

3. My favorite movie is Tinker Bell.

4. My favorite toy is the bunny rabbit.

5. I have two corn snake named Sylvia and Sammy.

6. A cat named Stash.

7. I love the Disney channel.

8. I love to sing and dance

What I like:

 Baby Dolls | Barbie’s | Tinker Bell | Dress Up | Kitty Cats | Snakes

Music | Singing | Dancing | Playing Games | Playing with my friends

American Girl | Computers | Spending time with my family | Going on trips

Contact Me:


I do not have face book yet so e-mail will have to do.

Sorry you’re not getting my phone number!!