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I was born on October 6th, 1974 in Joliet, IL. I spent most of my first few months in and out of the hospital because I was a sick baby. Most of my child hood was normal and nothing major happened to me. In November of 1992 I met the girl of my dreams, Jamie Huebner.

We dated for a year or so then I asked her to marry me and on July 15th 1995 that dream came true. We lived in Joliet for 7 years and during that time we tried to save for a house and also tried to have a baby but couldn’t due to Jamie having endometrioses.

In February of 2002 we bought our first house in Romeoville and Jamie and I had been dreaming of this day for a very long time and now it finally came true.

Then the shock of a life time happened in 2003 when Jamie found out she was pregnant with our first child, a boy we named Bret Michael and then the biggest shock came when we had our 2nd child in 2006 a girl named Amber Michelle.

As far as my professional career goes I am Sr. PC Technician at Molex LLC a Koch Company as of 2014 and I also own a business called MHC Systems.

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