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August 1st, 2020

Amber is staying with Jamie’s sister right now but has been bouncing around between friends houses too.

Bret has been chilling in his room playing video games or watching videos.

Matt got a second job at Amazon.

Jamie has been working and watching a lot of movies.

Court is August 31st for the divorce.

Matt has been trying to get a refinance on the house to keep it

Jamie found another place in Romeoville.

July 1st, 2020

Things are about to change for us in a big way.

Jamie and Matt are getting a divorce.

This has been hard on everyone and want everyone to respect our privacy during this time.

Will update everyone with more info as it comes and is relevant for other to know.

June 1st, 2020

Amber came home to graduate 8th grade and spend some time with family and friends but has returned to Jill’s house.

Matt has been keeping busy with some house projects and geocaching. He has also taken out the kayak a few times. Work has been busy over the last month as well.

Bret has been chilling out playing video games but has gotten all his homework done and past 10th grade.

Jamie has been busy with work and some home project stuff.

May 1st, 2020

Amber has been at Jill’s house for a few weeks now know telling when she will be home. Her birthday is on May 7th and we plan to go see her.

Bret has been laying low since he can’t see his friends. He has been playing on his video games with live chat. He is also reading as well.

Jamie has been busy with work mainly and watching movies.

Matt has been working a lot but gets out geocaching when he can.

This lockdown has been tough on all of us but we are trying to get through it the best we can.

April 1st 2020

Not a whole lot going on the shelter in place going on.

Bret and Amber are doing remote school work.

Matt is working from home nothing changed there.

Jamie is going to the office 4 days and working from home 1 day.

March 1st 2020

Matt Update:

He has been trying to work on getting familiar with his current roll at KBS working with all the other companies. Training is an as you go thing so it can make it a bit difficult since everyone pretty much works from home.

He has also been doing some geocaching and trying to get out of the house once a day.

Amber Update:

She is still struggling with issues at school and Matt and Jamie are trying to figure out what to do. Amber doesn’t want to go back to that school and would rather go to a different school or do home bound school.

Bret Update:

Bret had an ROTC competition and he did pretty good but as a whole the team had some issues. He is really working hard to get promoted in April and Master Guns feels he is ready and can get it done.

Jamie Update:

Jamie has been fighting some medical issues as of late and trying to get those resolved. She has taken some time off the library job but continues to work at Blistex. She hasn’t had time to work on projects either.

February 1st 2020

Matt Update:

He went on a nice geocaching trip to Florida and got 985 finds

He will now be going to counseling sessions to help with issues he is having

Work has been busy since he just merged with the rest of the KBS family of IT people.

The battery in the escape died and it’s a nice pain to put in a new one.

Amber Update:

She is doing a lot better these day and that is so awesome.

She continues to sing and paint.

She signed up for ROTC next year for freshman year too joining her brother.

Bret Update:

Bret is still not wanting to get his driver licenses. He has 6 hours left to complete and doesn’t want to drive. Hopefully this summer.

He is doing really good in ROTC getting ready for the big competition on February 22nd.

Jamie Update:

She is busy with work at both jobs

She has been watching a lot of movies too

She is working on watching all the Harry Potter movies with Amber.

January 1st 2020


Hope you had a great 2019 and hope 2020 is even better.

Bret and Amber had a couple weeks off from school and not sure they want to go back but what kid does right?

Bret is looking to get back to R.O.T.C. but still doesn’t want to drive. He has 6 hours to finish up and just has no ambition to do it.

Amber is getting back to normal at school and she is trying to get her grades back up after missing a few weeks. She enjoyed her time off for Christmas break.

Jamie continues to work at the library and enjoys it still. She finally got back to working on some projects.

Matt is getting ready to start a new journey at work with a new boss and department. He is excited but also nervous. He continues to geocache and is heading to Florida mid-January.

That’s about it for now.

December 1st2019

Almost done with 2019 and on to 2020

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!

Just a few things to cover here:

Amber is doing much better and the switch of the meds helped out a great deal. She is a lot happier these days.

Bret is really going all out on ROTC and is loving it. He has tested two times to get promoted and while he didn’t pass, he jumped over 20 point from the first test to the second tests only missing it by one question for the promotion. He got down on himself but Matt reminded him of how far he has come from the first day he started.

Jamie is still working at the library and Blistex so this keeps her busy. She works on projects when she can but she gets tired pretty fast these days.

Matt went to the doctor for a follow up on his diabetes and he dropped his A1C from 7.8 to 5.5 and now is I normal range. Doctor said he could cut back on the meds but Matt decided not to do it at this time and will follow up in 6 months.

NOVEMBER 1st 2019

Well winter is here in the Chicago area a the temps dropped and we got our first snow fall on October 30th. We are already looking forward to spring. 😊

Just a few updates here:

Bret had his first ROTC competition and he did a great job for his first time out. Romeoville won 3 awards. 2 2nd place and 1 first place.

Amber is now back in school full time and is adjusting back best she can. We continue to give her as much support as she needs. The school is also helping with her needs.

Matt has been busy with work mostly and it’s wearing him out so he has not done much caching. He continues to work on his heath the best he can. He will be looking in to joining a gym for the winter so he can keep up with exercise.

Jamie has been busy with work and has not had much free time. She has worked on the blanket she is crocheting. She is almost done with it!!

OCTOBER 1st 2019

Our bad luck has gone down but we are still dealing with some.

Amber was back in the hospital again but they have now changed her meds and that seems to be helping.

This is a long road and we intend to give her all the support she needs to get through this.

This has not been easy on any of us but we will pull through together.

SEPTEMBER 4th 2019

How you had a great holiday weekend!!

We have been in a bad luck streak for about 6 weeks now and hopefully it will start to improve with good luck.

If you haven’t followed it on FB here is a list:

AC went out (Got a new AC and Furnace)

Bret’s car broke (Recall)

Amber’s room had a water issue (New drywall and paneling)

Matt was diagnosed with diabetes (On meds and new diet)

School has started for Bret and Amber they are adjusting just fine.

Matt has been working on Amber’s room to get it done.

Jamie has been working a lot from home not been doing to many projects.

August 1st 2019

Amber has not been doing to good and we are working to help get her better. She has a lot of support behind her.

With that it has kept us all busy along with work and other things.

Bret joined ROTC this year at school so that’s exciting.

We had some real challenges in July besides Amber out AC and washing machine went out. There was a water leak that ruined the paneling in Amber’s room.

Hopefully this month will be better!!

July 1st 2019

6 more weeks till school starts!!

Bret and Amber are not looking forward to it.

Bret has been a hermit so far just playing video games mostly.

Amber went to camp for 2 weeks and loved it and at the end she was in a play.

Matt is working on some geocaching challenges, but work has also kept him busy.

Jamie has been working mostly and has done some side work.

June 1st 2019

Hello June it’s been a long time coming.

The weather here has been crazy up and down with lots of rain and we had hail too.

Bret and Amber are now out of school for the summer.

Amber will be going to Stages camp again paid for by CPAAR.

Bret will be playing his video games and watching Videos on you tube. Will have to get him out driving too.

Matt just got back from Texas on a geocaching trip that got him his 50,000th find and a lot more.

Jamie is still working at the library and keeping busy with other projects.

Hoping to plan a family vacation soon but not sure where yet.

May 1st 2019

Only a month left of school and then summer break starts.

Bret and Aber have been working hard this year to keep the grades up.

Amber has been seeing a counselor for about a month and has been put on anti-depressant meds to help her. This has been a long journey and we still fighting everyday.

Jamie is also still seeing a counselor and keeps trying to move forward.

Bret is loves is video games and what teenage boy doesn’t right?

Matt is going to Texas this month for Geowoodstock but has limited his caching but then again the weather has been lack luster here in Illinois.


April 1st 2019

Hello everyone!!

Here is what’s going on at the Holley house.

Bret continues to drive when he feels like it. This has been a struggle to get him out to practice.

Amber is now in counseling and will be put on medication for depression.

Jamie is still working at the library and doing very well.

Matt is busy with work and geocaching and looking forward to the spring.

Had some plumbing issues with the spigot and had to have it replaced and an indoor shutoff valve put in.

March 1st 2019

Well now it’s month 3 of 2019 already.

Here is what’s happening with the Holley fam:

Bret passed his drivers ed course and got his letter from the state.

Amber is hanging out with her friend Mackenzie a lot more.

Jamie has been working and doing projects.

Matt has been busy with work doing some projects. He has gone to the zoo a couple time as well.

We are still doing archery and love it.

February 1st 2019

Well month 2 of 2019 starts with cold temps across the Midwest.

The whole family is now doing Archery and having a fun time.

Jamie continues to work at the library and still does side projects when time permits.

Matt had a great time in Florida geocaching and came back to tons of snow from a storm. He also got a call from his boss who gave him a raise for doing a good job. He has a few projects in the works for the next month and ½ but is looking to get them done faster than that.

Bret only has 4 drivers ed classes left and is getting a B-

Amber is doing all sorts of stuff like chore, singing around the house, and teaching the dogs new tricks.

All in all the month of January wasn’t too bad.

January 1st, 2019


Hope you have a great day and a great year from the Holley’s.

2018 flew by pretty quick and it looks like 2019 may do the same.

Bret is getting through drivers ed with a B- right now but he said driving is boring, so it’s been struggle getting him to want to drive. He also won a pin from his archery league.

Matt is going on a geocaching trip to Florida with racer2814 (Pam) from 3rd to the 13th.

Amber has been kinda down the last few months and Jamie and Matt are trying to help her as much as they can. She still struggles with what happened to her.

Jamie has been busy with both her jobs and the dogs. She is still doing some projects too.

Christmas was pretty good but no one knew what they wanted so we winged it and it turned out nice.

December 1st, 2018

This year is flying by so here is what’s up…

Bret got his permit and has started to drive with Jamie and Matt.

Both Bret and Amber have been doing great in archery.

Jamie is enjoying her work at the library.

Matt went to train for his job and it was a good.

Matt will be going back to training the week before Christmas.

Bret and Amber will continue archery league.

November 1st 2018

Well October was a busy month for us and November looks to be the same.

Matt will be in Texas for training and planning some geocaching trips.

Work has been busy and overwhelming at times.

Jamie started a part time job at the Library and is enjoying it.

Bret has started drivers ed.

Amber is still in choir and is looking forward to joining volleyball at the end of November.

October 1st 2018

Bret and Amber are now signed up for Archery League

Bret starts drivers ed at the end of the month.

Matt has some geocaching trips planned

Jamie is looking for a 2nd job and working on projects

September 1st 2018

Bret and Amber are back in school and of course like all kids are not too thrilled about it.

They both continue to do archery at the local place in Plainfield.

Jamie has been working on some projects for CPAAR and other people the last month. She continues to add more things to her inventory.

Matt is trying to get a grasp of the new job while still doing his old job. Geocaching has been somewhat slow but he did get his 47,000 find.

He also has a trip planned for his B-Day weekend to get a very old cache in Georgia and going to a Mega event.

August 1st 2018


He just celebrated his 9th geocaching anniversary on 7/31.

He is also sad that Penny the Giraffe at CMZ died.

He is trying to keep his head above water at work with all the changes there is a lot going on.


She worked on some projects for the Citizens Policy Academy Alumni of Romeoville.

She is also working on some other things for an upcoming baby shower.


She has been enjoying her summer and playing with the dogs and archery.

She also got new glasses.


He is enjoying archery and playing his video games.

He is also reading some books too.

July 1st 2018

WOW June really went by quick and in 6 weeks the kids start school again.

Speaking of Kids Bret and Amber are now doing archery and they love it. They got new Bow and Arrows the other day and now they are learning how to use them along with the new release they both got. No more using their fingers to pull the string back.

Will post pictures later and maybe add a new page to Holleynet just for archery.

Jamie is doing work Citizens Police Academy Alumni Of Romeoville and it’s coming along nicely.

Matt is trying to learn some new things at his job and it’s causing some stress. He is leaving on a couple trips for Geocaching. Heading to Nebraska and Canada.\

Bret and Amber will be joining him to visit friends in Nebraska.

June 1st 2018

Hello everyone!!

The summer is heating up with hot temps and the kids are out of school now.

Bret and Amber have started taking archery classes and they love it!!

Bret graduated 8th grade and of course he will be a freshman next year at Romeoville High School.

Amber is looking forward to training the dogs some more this summer.

Matt has a few trips planned for geocaching. He just got back from Geowoodstock in Cincinnati and had a great time. He met another cacher who he had been chatting with for a year and ½ on facebook. It was an awesome meeting!!

Jamie is working on some projects but also trying to get back to her old self.

Last but not least:

Amber finally got her justice when the judge handed down a 36 year sentence.

Click Here for more info.

This has been a long time coming and we are happy this part is over. There is still sadness that comes and goes and that may never fully heal but we are taking it one day at a time.

Thank you to everyone who gave us support for the last 2 years and 8 months.

MAY 4th

MAY THE 4th be with you!!

Well sorry for the delay but we had some issues.

Let’s get to it then shall we. Court is on May 17th and we are positive this will be the end and we can move on with our lives. #JUSTICEFORAMBER

Amber and Jamie are more than ready to have this finished. It has been way to long and dragged out.

Bret continues to focus on playing his video games and goes out every now and then with his friends.

Matt took a trip to Canada and had a pretty good time. However, he now has a double ear infection and an infection on his finger.

Amber’s B-Day is coming up she will be turning 12. Amazing how time flies by.

Upcoming events include

Geowoodstock for Matt in Ohio

Jamie going to some craft shows

Amber continues to be the mascot for CPAAR, PO PO Panda

APRIL 1st 2018

It’s been a very busy and frustrating month for us here.

Matt switched over to new employer and the pay days changed so that is an adjustment.

We are getting ready for court on the 17 and it’s been tough getting things completed.

Matt has been busy with Geocaching, Giraffes, and CPAAR. He is looking at getting back on the bike and kayak soon.

Jamie is enjoying her dogs and looking forward to the warmer weather.

Bret is in his own world with his video games.

Amber is still singing and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life after court is over.

If you want to com and support us please e-mail, text, or call Matt or Jamie.

March 1st, 2018

Welcome to March!! This year is flying by already and spring is around the corner.

Over the last month, we have all been thinking about the upcoming court date and gathering our thoughts about what to say. It’s been hard but we are getting through it.

We also dumped Comcast and went with Sing TV and got a new internet provider.

Bret continues to play his PS4 trying to master his games and is doing pretty good in school too. He is also helping around the house more and that is a big help.

Amber is taking it day by day and trying to enjoy her life. School is ok for her but she is having a hard time in math. She may need some summer school.

Jamie is working on some project for a wedding.

Matt is now a KBS employee and has been keeping busy with Geocaching and CPAAR.

February 1st, 2018


From Facebook post on January 17th 2018

It’s been a long time coming but today Amber got her justice. My dad pleaded guilty to 1 class X and 1 class 1 felony of sexual abuse to a child under 13 years of age. Sentencing will be April 17th and this is a blind plea and the judge will decide his fate. Amber, Jamie and I will be able to give victim impact statements at that hearing. He will have to serve these consecutively and will be between 6 and 60 years.

We want to thank everyone who helped us over the last 2 plus years with love and support. This has been one of the hardest things to deal with. This is a big weight lifted off of us but there is still one more hurdle to get through. Thank you again for all your support!!

January 1st 2018


We hope to have a great 2018 and get a few things checked off our list.

One of the first things to happen is that Matt will be leaving Molex LLC and joining Koch Ind. LLC along with getting a new position. After 11 years in Desktop support he will

Be moving to another department with a new position.

More details to come once a few things are finalized.

Court is on the 17th set for a hearing and so we are waiting to hear back from the SA as to who needs to start prepping.

Jamie has been working on Bret’s blanket and working on a few other projects like making shirts.

Bret is having fun with his new games he got for Christmas.

Amber is just chilling out and enjoying the puppies. Her snake Sylvia was moved to the upstairs and joined snake Sammy.

Amber and Jamie will be traveling to Tennessee to visit a friend and for some R&R.

December 1st 2017

Look at that December is already here!!

We had a pretty good thanksgiving here but still not the same as it was in years past. We still struggle and it doesn’t seem to end.

Court is next month and they set a hearing for this one so now we will be waiting to see who has to testify.

With Christmas coming up we don’t have any real expectations except that we will be together.

Bret has been playing his video games a lot and he is happy doing that.

Amber is enjoying School and singing too. She has a ”Boy Friend” now and is moving on with her life.

Jamie is busy with work a lot these day but still finds time to work on projects to keep herself busy

Matt has been doing some geocaching but mostly hanging out at home working on things he likes.

November 1st 2017

Not a whole to update everyone on this time around.

Kids are still hard at work with school.

Jamie has been trying to keep herself busy and not letting things get to her.

Matt has not been Geocaching as much and working on other projects such as his volunteer stuff with CPAAR.

Court is on 11/8/2017 set for a hearing. Of course, we are not holding our breath that this will be anything more a continuance.

October 1st 2017

Hello to you all and hope you had a great summer!!

The kids are in full swing with school and doing pretty good.

Amber is loving 6th grade and has joined the choir

Bret doesn’t like 8th grade but he is getting his work done.

Matt got a new project at work and this is going to be a challenge for him but could open doors to other things.

Jamie is keeping busy with work and the dog but she continues to struggle with the whole family issues that happened.

September 1st 2017

Welcome to September!!

Bret and Amber have gone back to school. Amber is loving it but Bret no so much.

They both are now using Chrome Books in school and that is something new for them.

Matt was elected Vice President of CPAAR and is enjoying his new roll. He continues to geocache and is planning a couple trips over the next 3 months

Jamie is enjoying the dogs and really likes having them around. They are a bit of a handful but they are starting to adjust very well.

August 1st 2017 

Hello there everyone!!

Summer is just flying by way to fast.

What’s new with the Holley’s well school is starting soon but Bret and Amber are not looking forward to it at all.

Matt is doing some geocaching and kayak trips.

Jamie is staying busy with the dogs and doing other projects as well.

Speaking of the dogs yes, I know we have not made a new page yet for them. Sorry!!

In the calendar I will schedule some time to get some pages updated and new ones created this month.

July 1st 2017

Wow July already!! How the summer is flying by way to fast.

Bret and Amber are enjoying being home and out of school still but that will end next month as they get ready for 8th and 6th grade.

Jamie has been enjoying her new puppies and so have Bret and Amber.

Matt is still geocache caching, hosting lots of events and attending events too. He has gone out a little bit here and there too.

Holleynet didn’t get updated as we would have hoped so we will be working on that this month and it will be in the calendar so we get this done.

JUNE 1st 2017

Hello once again from the Holley house!!

It was a very exciting May for us as Bret and Amber both go to a new grade. Bret is now in 8th and Amber graduated to 6th.

We got to attend Amber’s Clap Out graduation at IHK and it was a fun time but she is also happy to be out of that school and looking forward to new beginning.

Matt has not been Geocaching at all the whole month of May but has huge plans for June including a trip to Nebraska and Wisconsin for the WNBR 2017.

Jamie is happy she got a few things off her list like a new T-Shirt press and 2 new Huskies she has always wanted. More to come on that a little later in the month as they are still getting settled in to the new environment. Look for new pages on Holleynet coming soon.

We hope that you all have a great June and we look forward to you coming back to see our new additions later in the month. Look for a post on the main page of Holleynet.

MAY 1ST 2017

Hi everyone!! May is upon us and we have had a so-so April.

We have been waiting for answers as to when court will happen or when we will be meeting again with the SA. We have had a few canceled meetings and setbacks.

We are hoping that on May 11th we find out when the new trial date will be but trying not to get our hopes up since this has taken longer than expected.

Amber is not doing very good now since she is being bullied in school. Jamie and I have already talked to the school and we will be discussing this with the bully’s parents soon. Amber has said she wanted to kill herself and described it in detail how she would do it to the school counselor. This has put us on edge and we have been watching Amber pretty close for the last 5 days now.

We still try and do normal family things when we can and feel up to it and hopefully Amber’s B-Day will be great since she will be 11.

Bret has been in a mood as well and we are trying to make sure he is doing ok too. This is a huge process because he doesn’t want to talk to us about anything. We will keep working with him the best we can.

School is out at the end of the month and I think everyone is ready for a break and a family vacation somewhere.

We will post more new on May 11th once we know more.

APRIL 1ST 2017

Hello to you all out there.

March has been a pretty busy month for the Holley family.

The main focus was with Amber and the trial as she gets ready to take the stand. She was very scared and upset but Matt sent out a facebook message to all his friends asking them to send cards to Amber to be strong and it worked.

She has been meeting with the SA for the last few weeks and going over what she remembers and other things as well. Just found out that trial date has been moved to June but not sure what dates yet. This has just been dragging on over and over so this is just another blow in trying to get this resolved.

Matt and Jamie will be meeting with the SA soon to go over the next steps in the case and get some things in order to make sure this can get finished up.

There are always going to be the what if’s so anything can change in a heart beat.

Keep checking back here for updated news this month.

MARCH 1ST 2017

Hello to you all!!

It’s been a busy month around the Holley house here in Romeoville.

Wafflez the cat got fixed on Friday the 24th and she is doing good despite having to wear a head cone around her neck. The other cats are taking really good care of her as well.

Tiger update: He is now doing better since being put on some meds and it gaining weight again.

The kids are doing their normal kid things but are struggling in some areas because of the pending trial and it is affecting them both.

Jamie has been trying to keep busy and get her mind off everything going on and is working with the kids to make sure they are doing ok as best they can.

Matt is working on some geocaching things but has been home for the most part working on helping the kids and Jamie stay positive. Matt has reached out to his friends and asked them to send cards to Amber since she is terrified to take the stand.

The last thing that is Jamie and Matt are separated but continue to support one another and the kids. This has been a very hard road but they are committed to making sure Bret and Amber are taken care of.

FEBRUARY 19th 2017

This has been a long hard year plus for all of us here and we continue to struggle and with that struggle things change, so with that being said Jamie and I have made the decision to separate. First and foremost we will always be there for Bret and Amber. They are priority number one for us but Jamie is under a massive depressed state and has lost feeling for many things and this has made things in our marriage difficult in some aspects. We are not mad or upset with each other but feel like we are more friends then husband and wife. We will continue to live in the same house so we can take care of Bret and Amber but at some point we will move to a complete dissolve of the marriage.


Matt and Jamie

FEBRUARY 1st 2017

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to the 2nd month of the year.

First off, we would like to say that we have not heard from the states attorney about the case and have been trying to reach her.

Matt has some geocaching things going on this month and he also just replaced the water heater with a friend. Work has been busy the last couple weeks of January with no signs of slowing down. He is also working on a commemorative ammo can with Jamie for his caching partner who just reached 100,000 finds.

Matt also got 2 new Tarantula’s and will be asking for your help to name them later in the month. We now have 15 and 1 more on the way if all goes well.

Jamie has been working on some projects with her new silhouette cameo 3 and she is loving it very much. It’s also her B-Day this month on the 8th so make sure to wish her a happy b-day. The ammo can she has been working on with Matt looks amazing and we can’t wait to show you all once it’s done and given to Matt’s caching partner.

Jamie has also been very depressed with all the things going on with Amber and the case that is pending to go to trial. We hope that she will recover from the pain and be able to move forward. This has been a very hard and stressful time for her and the rest of us as well.

Bret jas been playing his video games and working best he can in school. He was frustrated at some math he was given a few weeks back but after a talk he was able to pull it together and did a great job on a test getting a B. Common Core really sucks!!

Amber has been doing more singing and live.me broad casts and she join the choir as school. It is awesome to see her smile and enjoy life after what she has been through and still going through.

We hope this month brings you great adventures and many smiles.

JANUARY 2nd, 2016


The month of December flew by pretty fast so here are the updates we have for you.

We got a call from the states attorney saying that the defense has asked for a plea of 20 years. Court was held on December 30th and the defense backed out of the deal. At this point unless the plea is accepted then we will be going to trial. This has been a long and frustrating process but we spoke to Amber and she said that if we have to go to trial then so be it.

As for other things that are going on:

Bret got his Data Bank for his PS4 he wanted so he can load more games.

Matt got to adopted a Giraffe from Brookfield zoo for the Share The Care Program and has visited the zoo a couple time since getting this gift.

Amber got a few things she wanted and was pretty happy over all.

Jamie got her new silhouette cameo 3 and was thrilled.

Upcoming things for January is some geocaching adventures and making some giraffe stuff with the silhouette.

DECEMBER 1st 2016

Hello everyone!!

November was a pretty rough month for us since it’s the holidays and we don’t spent it the way we would like but we did get to enjoy some family and friends.

Matt stated going to consoling and said “It’s helping”

Bret, Amber, and Jamie are still in consoling as well and Jamie goes to group as well.

We saw that there maybe a plea deal in the works so this maybe over soon but we shall see.

NOVEMBER 1st 2016

Matt went out to Cali to do some geocaching and had a great time and got 1820 caches in 2 1/2 days. He is also looking at getting a few more tarantulas this month if all goes well.

Jamie is working on her blanket trying to get it done and also working on some other projects. She is going to be taking some vacation days here and there as well. She is also scheduling some doctors appointments to get some things looked at.

Bret has been chilling out in his room chatting with friends, playing on the PS4 and his phone. He is doing good and enjoys staying home with his family. He is looking forward to his B-Day on the 17th he will be 13!!

Amber wants to get a another snake but Jamie is not really to keen on that one. She will just have to make due with what she has right now. She helps out with the tarantulas too so that is pretty cool.

For the month of November we will try and update some of the pages on Holleynet and try to get the chat room back up and running.

Great Aunt Kathy passed away in October and will be missed so much by a lot of people.

OCTOBER 1st 2016

It was a busy September and October is seems to be about the same.

Matt will be going to a couple nudist events and also Nevada/California for a geocaching trip

Jamie will be working on projects and continues trying to get a couple blankets crocheted.

Bret and Amber are trying to there best in school but some of this common core math is really not working well for them. It’s a struggle and Amber is now in math tutoring.

A few side notes:

Jamie will be going on some new meds to help with her depression.

Matt’s Birthday is coming up and for his B-Day weekend he will be going to get some earth caches.

SEPTEMBER 1st 2016

Well this month flew by and all of us were pretty busy with lots of things going on.

Amber joined a running club called Girls On Fire and she is also a patrol officer.

Bret is not happy about being back at school but still has his good friend that makes it a little better. He is still enjoying his video games an chats with lots of people so at least he is not just sitting in his room doing nothing right?

Matt is working on some new geocaching stuff and also doing a few trips along with a kayak event.

Jamie was busy working on some awesome projects and still has a few that she is working on.

Big news is that we are trying to get things situated for a move to Colorado next summer if all goes well. We have hired a relator that also happens to be a Geocacher so that is a plus. Matt has known him for 6 to 7 years.

Update on how things are going with my dad and all that we have not heard much except for what other tell us. We are not sure when he will be going on trial or if he plans to accept the plea deal. He was offered 26 years but heard he turned this down. At this point we are just wanting this to be over and done with.

We also have 2 hummingbirds that come around now to out feeder so that is pretty cool.

August 1st 2016

Been a busy month for the Holley family with the vacation to Colorado and some other stuff that was planned

and of course the last minute b-day party for Amber.

Kids start school in 2 weeks and of course we will have to get back into the swing of things again.

Matt has a few trips planned this month along with some CPAAR things.

Jamie is working on some projects and also finished up some as well.

Matt and Jamie are stating to Juice again and hope to get some weight lose going.

Matt has started to ride his bike more tracking his progress with mapmyride app.

July 19th, 2016

Quick update from us:

Matt was just assigned to be the project lead for Americas region for Windows 10.

Jamie and Matt celebrated 21 years of marriage on the 15th

School is right around the corner for Bret and Amber

We are heading back to Colorado in November for Thanksgiving.

July 1st, 2016

Hello to you all!!

Had to imagine that it’s already July but it is. Here are a few things that have gone on the last Month.

Bret and Amber are enjoying the summer hanging out with friend and doing other things too.

Matt has slowed down a bit in Geocaching spending more time at home and enjoying the summer.

Jamie has been chilling out as well and enjoying the kids being home from school.

Amber got a new snake (Normal Corn Snake) and she loves it.

Matt got a new Tarantula and pic will be up later in the month.

The last poll we had was about updating Holleynet more often and we got some responses that more would be a good addition instead of once a month. Starting this month we will update the news page 3 to 4 times. We will also post on our facebook page with updates too!!

We changed a few links here on Holleynet (Music, Pictures, and Video) to better serve you. We have also put up a new poll to better understand if you like the change or not.

June 1st, 2016

Bret has passed 6th grade and of course he is now a 7th grader

Amber passed 4th grade and is now a 5th grader. She is also been accepted as a safety patrol officer.

Jamie is still working on projects and doing other things with the kids.

Matt is spending more time at home but has a few trips planned. He will be going to finish up his east coast states and finally get his Jasmer completed.

What is the Jasmer you ask?

The Jasmer Challenge requires you to find at least one cache placed every month since Geocaching was invented, in May 2000. This is difficult, as some geographic areas are missing some of the earliest caching months; the full Jasmer challenge may require you to travel significantly from your home location.Therefore, many cachers have created “mini Jasmer challenges” which require you to only find one cache placed during each month of a specific year, i.e. you must find a cache placed during each month of the year 2002.

MAY 1st, 2016

May is here and hopefully spring/summer is too.

Not much going on but here is a few things:

Matt went to Nevada geocaching and got over 5600 caches and went to number 5 in the state of IL and he now has 36,000 plus finds.

Jamie is working on some projects but the main one is finishing up an ammo can for a geocacher. Pictures will be posted once it’s all done.

Bret is waiting for school to get out so he can hang out with his friends more.

Amber is enjoying her snake and is now feeding it on her own.

APRIL 1st, 2016

Lots of things are happening for Holleynet as we continue to add more content and update pages.

Matt will be traveling this month to a few places for geocaching.

Jamie is working on some projects and continuing on Bret’s blanket.

Amber is doing great and will be taken out of check in check out at school and spending more time with her friends

Bret is enjoying video games and spending time with his friends.

Over the course of last month the Holley Family took a few trips together and we also got Zoo passes and we love it.

MARCH 8th, 2016

Just a head’s up we will be working on Holleynet this week getting some pages updated and entering in some new stuff in the calendar.

If you want to see something added to holleynet please let us know by e-mailing us letusknow@holleynet.net

MARCH 1st, 2016

We have been working on Holleynet over the last month and continue to make changes and updates.

This month should bring updates to Bret and Jamie’s web pages along with a few new polls.

We do have a family Facebook page now and this will be link to Holleynet soon.

This month is going to be a busy one as well as we have some trips planed together and apart. Of course we are all looking forward to spring/summer coming and Day Light savings time to start.

Other happenings is that court is on the 22nd this month however we will not be there.

If you have some news you want to be posted send an e-mail to hnnews@holleynet.net

FEBRUARY 15th, 2016

Hello all!! Had a little bit of a snag here on Holleynet. Was working on some new things and I deleted all the files from Holleynet but thanks to the web hosting company Ace-Net they got it all restored except for some changes that I did today but those are now fixed.

FEBRUARY 1st, 2016

We have been on the new Holleynet for a month now and we will be updating more pages this month.

This is a slow process and takes time so thanks for your understanding as we get this updated.

Jamie hasn’t been working on too many projects lately and is focusing on other things.

Matt has not been doing much geocaching but has a few trips planned but is also staying home more and spending time with family.

Matt also got a new Tarantula and looks like he will be getting a few more this year.

Bret is doing more with friends and looks like he may start bowling every week.

Amber is having issues at school with bullies and we are working on getting that resolved with the school. She has been very strong with everything going on and keeps a positive attitude most of the time.

Matt and Amber will be attending the daddy daughter dance on Feb. 6th in Romeoville and Amber is so excited.

JANUARY 1st, 2016


Welcome to the new Holleynet website. We have been working on this for a month or so and some pages are still the older ones and may need you to switch to compatibility mode in IE but if you have this enabled when looking at the new website this will make it look different.

We will be changes more of the pages over as time goes on and hope to have this all completed by June of 2016.

We will also be adding content as the months go on so be sure to check back with us often.

Kids have enjoyed the Christmas break and are enjoying the gifs they received.

Matt and Jamie continue to be busy working on projects and others things.

DECEMBER 1st 2015

We are working on the new Holleynet website and hope to have it done by Jan 1st 2016.

This will bring a lot of great changes to Holleynet and you will be able to view it on your mobile device too.

Some changes have already been completed but we still have a lot of work to do.