Sammy is a male Normal Corn Snake


Sammy eats once a week and gets rat pups.

Sammy is 5ft long and still growing


Sylvia is a Ghost Coral Corn snake


She eats once a week and gets pinkie mice

She is also a smaller snake and won’t get too big

Corn Snake Facts:

Corn snakes are one of the most popular of all pet snakes and for good reason. Their extremely variable and gorgeous colors and patterns, ease of care and breeding, and generally docile dispositions have earned corn snakes their rightful, premier place in herpetoculture. The size of mature corn snakes is just right: big and hardy enough to accept regular handling, yet not large enough to intimidate a novice or child. Easy to breed and care for with an endless array of genetic traits, corn snakes offer something for the newest snakekeeper, yet they also challenge those with years of experience.